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Lepes (Sio Ho yen) Cough medicine
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Sell Lepes (Sio Ho yen) Cough medicine

Specification of Lepes (Sio Ho yen) Cough medicine

LEPESNatural cough remedy without additional chemicals! Safe for children and people with organ disorders, because this drug is safe without side effects even safe to drink every day to prevent the cough of the flu when not fit. 100% natural herbal remedyEfficacy and usability :Helps relieve cough with phlegm
Composition:Codonopsitis Radix 40mg
Paeoniae Alba Radix 50mg
Regmanniae radix 50mg
Fritillariae Bulbus 20mg
Phellodendri Cortex 20mg
How to use: 3X a day 10 pillsPackaging containing 150 pills @ 200mgWARNING: should not be used for pregnant women

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