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MS Fit (Sang Hau) Enhancer
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Specification of MS Fit (Sang Hau) Enhancer

MS FIT (SANG HAU)Get sick quickly? Cough doesn't heal well, have you tried the medicine here and there, but it doesn't heal too? Try Power Enhancers Mutiara Sakti's Body Test is safe to drink every day because it is made from 100% herbal and halal natural ingredients, able to relieve and cure coughs, flu or other diseases due to a weak immune system100% natural herbal remedyComposition:Scrophulariae Radix 80mg
Ophiopogonis Radix 20mg
Paeoniae Alba Radix 40mg
Angelicae Sinensis Radix 40mg
Mori Folium 20mg
Efficacy and usability :Traditionally used to help blood circulation
Sluggish body
How to use 3X a day 10 pills swallowed or thawed special warm water for small children (aged 5 yrs) avoid fried and spicyThe package contains 200 pills @ 200mg

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