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Tau Tung (Headache Medicine)
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For those of you who really like dizziness, migraines and aches in the neck. Don't take medication carelessly!

Now there is a Tau Tung medicine to relieve dizziness, migraines and aches. And Tau Tung is safe to consume every day.

100% natural herbal products, without preservatives, long-term efficacy, May be consumed daily

Product composition:

Ligustici Rhizoma 50 mg
Rhizoma Notopterygii 50 mg
Bupleuri Radix 30mg
Scutellariae Radix 40mg
Efficacious For:

Helps relieve headaches
help relax tight muscles
Stiff and stiff neck
How to use 3X a day 10 pills

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