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CV.Mutiara Sakti - Jual Obat Herbal dan Obat Gosok Herbal

Ho Lo Oil

Sell ​​Ho Lo Oil

CV. Mutiara Sakti Sell Ho Lo Oil, Magic Oil! one oil for all your family needs! a Chinese halal herb that has been used for hundreds of years now in Indonesia! Soaking heat instantly dries out not sticky! Safe for pregnant women, children and the elderly. Packaging neat and beautiful, suitable for by going home for beloved parents.

Selling Ho Lo Oil is effective to relieve:
- Red swollen itchy pain due to insect bites
- Arthritis / sprains / sprains
- Headache / abdominal pain / cold symptoms
- Minor burns
- Swelling from falling wounds
- Skin infections
- The nose has the flu
- Tooth ache

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